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The Spokane Website Directory has proven to be more successful than any of us thought it would be. After its first year it is averaging over 2,500 unique visitors a month and that number is continually growing. There are over 1,000 sites now listed and that number is growing too. We are listed on the first page of many of the major search engines and dozens of local sites have links directly to us. In the first twelve months our media releases generated dynamic coverage from The Spokesman Review, The Journal of Business and KHQ-TV.

Now that we have a popular, highly used product we are offering area website owners the chance to stand out from the crowd. For less than $1 per month we can enhance your listing by making it bolder than the free listings. You also have the option to make it larger and include some additional text with your listing. 

Keep in mind, the demographics of Internet users makes them just about the perfect target audience. For only a few dollars a year you can have outstanding exposure to this dynamic upscale market.
Standard Free listings   >
Bold listing only $11/year  >
Large Bold listing  >
only $19/year      
Large Bold listing plus extra      
Line of Text (up to 30 characters)  >

only $25/year      

Sample Listings
Spokane Airways
Sutherland Motors
Wendle Motors
McVay Brothers
SpokAnimal C.A.R.E.
The Standard Group
Masters & Company
Empire Dance Shop
Water Stove Directory
Acoustic Solutions  
Home Theater & Conference Rooms
Sewell Scenics
Pacific Northwest Photography
White Elephant Stores
Spokane's Premier Discount Stores
How to order

Simply send us a note with your instructions based on the above rates and enclose a check for the proper amount. Within three business days we will enhance your listing.

Mail to:

Omni Marketing
SWD Listing Enhancement
4023 E. Cleveland
Spokane   WA   99217
  Spokane Website Directory Listing Enhancements


4023 E. Cleveland
Spokane  WA  99217



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