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Marketing Tools  
Marketing Tools don't have to be expensive to be effective.
The following list of Marketing Tools is a good place to start when analyzing your current marketing effort. 

Which are you using now? 
Which have you used in the past? 
Which work(ed) the best for you? 
Which new tools would you like to
        implement in the near future?

Imagine how your business would be effected if you added just one new tool to your marketing mix.

$$$ Medium to high cost
[]  Television
[]  Radio
[]  Billboards
[]  Tradeshows
[]  Newspapers
[]  Magazines
[]  Yellow Pages

      $$ Low to medium cost
[]  Web site - Informational
[]  Web site - E-commerce
[]  Net Marketing - Directory & search engine registration for website
[]  Promotions - Giveaways, drawings, lost leaders
[]  Loyalty cards - Customers carrying your name in their wallet
[]  Branding - Your name in places where your customer will see it
[]  Printing - Stationary, business cards, brochures, newsletters
[]  Signage - Inside, outside, on-site, off-site
[]  Direct mail - Brochures, flyers, samples
[]  Informational clinics - sharing your expertise
[] Classified ads - Newspapers, trade magazines, etc.

      $ Free to low cost
[]  Media releases - Every business is doing something newsworthy
[]  Sales letters - Create several, send to target audience often
[]  Write and submit related articles to newspapers and magazines
[]  Gift certificates - Giving you cash up front
[]  Coupons, punch cards, order forms
[]  Enlist independent commission-only salespeople
[]  Cross-sell to existing customers
[]  In-house displays
[]  Join and participate in community groups and associations
[]  Telemarketing
[]  Encouraging word-of-mouth advertising: "tell your friends"
[]  Asking for referrals

  Marketing Tools


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